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Parking Guide for Customers

Good parking

  • No lines yellow or red
  • Meter parking
  • Single yellow lines where there are no other markings on the kerb. On these we are legally allowed to load and unload for twenty minutes as long as it is continues movement.
  • A marking on the kerb-usually two short yellow lines perpendicular to the kerb indicates other restrictions which will be indicated on a small sign in the vicinity. It will usually say no stopping at whatever time and no loading or unloading at some other time. We are allowed to load and unload at the specified time-please arrange your move for a time when it is legal for us to stop there.
  • There may be loading/unloading areas on double/single yellow lines and red routes. They are usually time restricted-you can load/unload between 10am and 4pm. Check the sign first.

Problem parking

Double yellow lines
In general we're going to get into trouble on these and traffic wardens will almost always issue a ticket if they catch you parking, loading or unloading etc. Although confusingly sometimes there may be lines on the kerb to state loading /unloading at set times, look for a sign nearby. If there are CCTV cameras around and you park illegally, they just take a picture of you and send you the fine in the post!
Resident only parking
Just about anywhere in zone 1 or 2 will be resident only parking on residential streets. There will be dotted white lines outlining the spaces and a sign saying `Resident permit holders only`. This means what it says! We will get a ticket if caught. You can buy a scratch card permit from your local shop or council (usually £5) or you may have a visitor permit.
Clamping zones
These are usually in private flats, on housing estates and in private car parks. They`re not controlled by the local authority but by cowboy private firms that will jump at the chance to clamp you and charge you £150 + for its removal. Visitor permits are available, check with your porter, management company, or they owners of your building.
Crowded residential streets
If there is no parking outside your house or flat because all the spaces are taken we may be able to double park to load and unload, only for a very short time. Please try to reserve a space outside your home. You can put out wheelie bins, traffic cones, etc with a note on them. People will usually respect this or for large moves get a parking suspension from your local council.
No parking At Any Time ("Red Routes")
These are `red routes' and you will almost definitely get fined for even stopping on one. They are monitored constantly by CCTV and red route patrols that will ticket you or send you the fine in the post. Double red lines mean no stopping at any time.
There may be places on red routes where you can stop to load and unload at certain times. They're outlined with a dotted red line and there'll be a sign saying what times your allowed to stop there (usually between 10am and 4pm).

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